Friday, October 28, 2016

Domino Art

Although this blog is primarily concerned with creative short films, there are also short films that merely record creative endeavors produced in another medium.

The Amazing Triple Spiral (15,000 Dominoes)

The Domino art presented in this film is not the largest or the most complicated Domino toppling setup ever created... but it is one of the best examples of this art form.

The Amazing Triple Spiral in REVERSE!

Here's the same setup with the video running backwards, so you can watch as the Dominoes magically reassemble themselves.

Domino Toppling is an Art Form

In this video, the creator of the Domino art featured above answers those critics who claim that Domino art is not really a legitimate art form.

Life as a Series of Games

Domino art is not limited to just being used as a strange form of kinetic art. In the following animated film, created at the University of Bayreuth in Germany, Domino toppling is used as a narrative device to lead the viewer through a series of games that depict the various stages of life.