Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Observing Human Nature, part 1

One of the most common themes in short films is observing human nature. These films can be humorous (when poking fun at our eccentricities), contemplative (when examining our more serious sides), or even depressing (when confronting the darker aspects of humanity)... but they are almost always thought-provoking.

Alarm (2009)

This hilarious animated film comes from the Mesai animation group in South Korea. A young man faces a situation that many of us can sympathize with, at least to some extent. But, fortunately, most of us don't have the extreme reaction that this guy does.


Perfection (2004)

This live-action film is a cautionary tale about the obsessive pursuit of perfection... using the children's game of the same name. From ZuZu Films, written & directed by Karen Lin.


Empathy (2016)

This animated film gently examines how we often see only what we want to see, instead of what is really there. It was created at Canada's Vancouver Film School.

Monsterbox (2012)

In this heartwarming animated film from the Bellecour Écoles D´Art in France, a shopkeeper must deal with a troublesome customer... and her, er, pet monsters.


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